Sunshine Monday!

It’s nice to finally see the sun out for a change. This weekend was pretty gloomy since all it did was rain rain rain. Friday evening we went to the gym to work out for a while and then after about a hour and a half we left for dinner. Mmmmm sushi! I don’t know what the problem was… maybe it was the mix of exercise and sushi that really zapped us. By 9pm we were so sleepy we were falling asleep while trying to watch TV. I don’t know about J, but I slept all the way through the night until the dogs decided they needed to go out in the rain Saturday morning.

Hmmm… what’s in store for today? Well, last night I made three sales ( 2 items on & a book on so I’ll need to get those items ready to ship. Plus I’m waiting on the UPS truck to run so I can get my USB 2.0 port installed. Hopefully this will end the annoying popup I get telling me “This device could work faster if you used a USB 2.0 port”… well duh. If I had one, I’d be using it!

What do you think about VoIP? Companies like Vonage or Sun Rocket which provide home telephone service? Have you tried it yet? Just curious…

Jumped on the SunRocket wagon…