Still kicking

I’m still around, feeling a little better, and generally taking it easy when I can. Back on Wednesday (I think it was Wednesday) I went to the doctor for my sore throat, and he put me on some antibiotics hoping we can head this ‘bug’ off. At least I’m able to speak in a normal sounding voice, but the cough is still around. It (the cough) is not too bad… getting worse only when I get hot. Thursday night in class I was feeling pretty good, and my cough was pretty much gone, but once I got hot (crazy classroom had the heat on) I had a attack… you know, one of those coughs that feels like if you don’t stop your going to make yourself get REALLY sick.

Classes are going pretty good right now. My 8:50-10:05pm Network Security class on Thursdays is now a ‘online quiz’ class. We go to the Tuesday class, but for Thursdays we don’t have class, and just take a quiz online from home. Pretty cool considering we have a week to actually take the quiz. So at least once during the week I’m actually home before 10:30. The C++II class is rolling along pretty nicely too. We’ve created a few projects during class period, and will start our 1st “big project” in class on Monday.

Today I was supposed to go work on the Habitat for Humanity house here in town, but considering I’m still on my antibiotics I decided to pass. J went on, and I’m sure they will all be glad to hear that I didn’t come to share my cold with them.

Yesterday the temps were in the 70’s and the sun peeked out for just a bit…. it sure felt like spring was finally on its way! Now this morning it’s cold outside (42F and cloudy) I think I’ll stay inside today.

Did I mention that on Wednesday someone brought me something to cheer me up?

Thank you sweetie! I’ll find them a special place in the flower garden when its time!