I hope your having a good week so far. Mine was a pretty good week until I woke up this morning and could hardly talk. Monday morning I noticed my throat was “itchy and dry”, then by last night I was wanting to cough unless I kept sipping my water in class. Soo… right now I’m waiting to hear if I can get in to see the doctor and maybe we can head this thing off before it gets any worse. At least I don’t have to go into class until 8:50 tonight, so I can maybe get to feeling a little better. I made some hot tea and added a little honey to it, and this seems to make my throat feel a bit better.

Yesterday we were able to finally pick up my desk that I bought at auction last week. After two loads we were finally through (Thanks J ! ). See… there was a lot of other ‘crap’ that came with it, and if you don’t pick up the whole ‘Lot’ then your blacklisted by the Surplus Department, and can’t go to the auctions anymore. I’m sure that’s there way of making sure everyone picks up all their winnings… plus they are able to unload a bunch of ‘crap’ that no one would take otherwise. I’ll have to find out when the ‘free dump’ day is, and we’ll haul all that stuff over there, or have a bonfire.