Is it Friday yet?

Howdy! I’m still around and decided it was time to post a little for today. Did everyone have a good Valentine’s Day? Ours was pretty good… more than good, it was awesome! But that is just my opinion. Since I was in school from 5 -> 10:30pm we met up for lunch at one of our favorite places, Lek’s. After lunch I did a few errands, then back home for a bit.
School was ok… and I spent my break watching tv in the cafeteria. I called J to see what he was doing and would you believe he wouldn’t tell me where he was??? Sneaky ‘eh? Well when I finally made it home from class he surprised me with some beautiful yellow roses (see attached photo) and with something else. Boy was I surprised!

So today I spent most of the morning loading up some of my tunes and I can’t wait to try it out with my audiobooks. So no more listening to my cat books in the car when I can take them with me!

Well I need to go put the chicken on the grill and finish up dinner before it’s time to head to class. I hope you had a wonderful day…