Call 1-888-5-OPT-OUT

On Friday I logged in to view my free credit report and found a new section of information. It’s a listing of all the credit card companies that my information had been given out to. Well once they have your info, they will check your credit then send out a new application. One company has inquired into my credit history once a month for the past year! (A total of 12 companies were looking into my credit too). That would explain the multiple credit card applications I’ve been getting lately .. some even have my name narfed up (most likely from a database import error…dorks.). These inquires are not supposed to hurt your credit since they only see your Name, Address, Employment, etc, but I just don’t like it at all!

Well… no more of that.

I finally decided to Opt Out. I know this will cull some of them, but I hope it helps if only a little. has a little more info about the service if you want to research it yourself.