Sunshine Monday!

It’s nice to finally see the sun out for a change. This weekend was pretty gloomy since all it did was rain rain rain. Friday evening we went to the gym to work out for a while and then after about a hour and a half we left for dinner. Mmmmm sushi! I don’t know what the problem was… maybe it was the mix of exercise and sushi that really zapped us. By 9pm we were so sleepy we were falling asleep while trying to watch tv. I don’t know about J, but I slept all the way through the night until the dogs decided they needed to go out in the rain Saturday morning.

Hmmm… what’s in store for today? Well, last night I made three sales ( 2 items on & a book on so I’ll need to get those items ready to ship. Plus I’m waiting on the UPS truck to run so I can get my USB 2.0 port installed. Hopefully this will end the annoying popup I get telling me “This device could work faster if you used a USB 2.0 port”… well duh. If I had one, I’d be using it!

What do you think about VoIP? Companies like Vonage or Sun Rocket which provide home telephone service? Have you tried it yet? Just curious…

Jumped on the SunRocket wagon…

Call 1-888-5-OPT-OUT

On Friday I logged in to view my free credit report and found a new section of information. It’s a listing of all the credit card companies that my information had been given out to. Well once they have your info, they will check your credit then send out a new application. One company has inquired into my credit history once a month for the past year! (A total of 12 companies were looking into my credit too). That would explain the multiple credit card applications I’ve been getting lately .. some even have my name narfed up (most likely from a database import error…dorks.). These inquires are not supposed to hurt your credit since they only see your Name, Address, Employment, etc, but I just don’t like it at all!

Well… no more of that.

I finally decided to Opt Out. I know this will cull some of them, but I hope it helps if only a little. has a little more info about the service if you want to research it yourself.

Is it Friday yet?

Howdy! I’m still around and decided it was time to post a little for today. Did everyone have a good Valentine’s Day? Ours was pretty good… more than good, it was awesome! But that is just my opinion. Since I was in school from 5 -> 10:30pm we met up for lunch at one of our favorite places, Lek’s. After lunch I did a few errands, then back home for a bit.
School was ok… and I spent my break watching tv in the cafeteria. I called J to see what he was doing and would you believe he wouldn’t tell me where he was??? Sneaky ‘eh? Well when I finally made it home from class he surprised me with some beautiful yellow roses (see attached photo) and with something else. Boy was I surprised!

So today I spent most of the morning loading up some of my tunes and I can’t wait to try it out with my audiobooks. So no more listening to my cat books in the car when I can take them with me!

Well I need to go put the chicken on the grill and finish up dinner before it’s time to head to class. I hope you had a wonderful day…

Unconscious Mutterings – Week 158

I say … and you think … ?

  1. Unorthodox:: Non-traditional
  2. Skate:: Park
  3. Hold on:: to the Nights (Richard Marx –
  4. Europe:: Vacation
  5. Reminder:: Over due
  6. Gold:: Rush
  7. Calcium:: Pills
  8. Rated R:: Movie
  9. Saturday night:: Live
  10. Tell:: it on the Mountain

Unconscious Mutterings

I’m still around… just amazed at seeing all the snow that’s being dumped on the north eastern US. We actually had flurries here this morning, but it didn’t stick… you could see it if you looked reallllly hard.
Not much going on this week with classes… I did manage to be finished early since my Thursday night classes were cancelled. Friday night we went to a valentine banquet… lots of laughs and quite fun, then home to catch up on the dvr’d shows from last week, and the week before, and the week before….
I did manage to plan out my garden (on paper) so I could estimate how many plant seeds to start. Those are all ready and hopefully the mini greenhouse they are in will be big enough for a few weeks or so… if they sprout. I did manage to save a few from each packet… just in case. The beans I’ll start outdoors once it warms up, and the tomato plants will go in later too.

Ok… enough of that for now. I’ll be back later.

Still kicking

I’m still around, feeling a little better, and generally taking it easy when I can. Back on Wednesday (I think it was Wednesday) I went to the doctor for my sore throat, and he put me on some antibotics hoping we can head this ‘bug’ off. At least I’m able to speak in a normal sounding voice, but the cough is still around. It (the cough) is not too bad… getting worse only when I get hot. Thursday night in class I was feeling pretty good, and my cough was pretty much gone, but once I got hot (crazy classroom had the heat on) I had a attack… you know, one of those coughs that feels like if you don’t stop your going to make yourself get REALLY sick.

Classes are going pretty good right now. My 8:50-10:05pm Network Security class on Thursdays is now a ‘online quiz’ class. We go to the Tueday class, but for Thursdays we don’t have class, and just take a quiz online from home. Pretty cool considering we have a week to actually take the quiz. So at least once during the week I’m actually home before 10:30. The C++II class is rolling along pretty nicely too. We’ve created a few projects during class period, and will start our 1st “big project” in class on Monday.

Today I was supposed to go work on the Habitat for Humanity house here in town, but considering I’m still on my antibotics I decided to pass. J went on, and I’m sure they will all be glad to hear that I didn’t come to share my cold with them.

Yesterday the temps were in the 70’s and the sun peeked out for just a bit…. it sure felt like spring was finally on its way! Now this morning it’s cold outside (42F and cloudy) I think I’ll stay inside today.

Did I mention that on Wednesday someone brought me something to cheer me up?

Thank you sweetie! I’ll find them a special place in the flower garden when its time!