Thursday Thirteen – Vol 2

Thirteen Things Learned From Pet Ownership

1. How often one should change the litter box. (Yes.. I upgraded to the electric scooper one… awesome!)

2. No matter how cute they are they can still be evil and chew up your new boots.

3. Even when caught they always give you that innocent look.

4. Scooting is not a funny game the dog plays.

5. You can’t add them to your health insurance.. no matter how human they may act.

6. Try to sleep late and they will want to start the day at 5am.

7 Be sick in bed and they will snooze all day with you.

8. Fetch is harder to teach than you think. It’s not the “go get it” part, its the letting go afterwards.

9. A Doggie hair cut can cost as much as getting highlights!

10. Make sure the hermit crab is really dead before giving it a funeral.

11. Cats will love you more before you take them to get fixed.

12. Don’t get attached to the “snake food”. (If I feed it.. its a pet, no longer dinner.)

13. A whole bag of hamburger buns can disappear in less than a hour.

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