Where has the week gone…
I’m still out here.. enjoying my last semi-free weekend before classes really start rolling. As usual the first day of classes this week were short and sweet and I was actually home by about 10pm. The C++II class is pretty straight forward and most of the work will be done in class. Plus since our professor has a 8am class the following day, we won’t be staying late like we did in the previous class.

The other two classes seem to be pretty much the same.. one dealing with Security, and the other with Disaster Recovery…. which both go hand-in-hand. One class we don’t have a textbook, but we’re getting PDF copies of each chapter to use instead… yeah saved $80. Now I’ll just have to remember to print them off at school when they become available. Speaking of school… they’ve started a new “Printing Policy” on campus in the computer lab. Current students are given a $50 credit for the semester to use for making copies. That means we’ll be “charged” $.10 for each page we print. I knew something like this would happen, and anyone that has used our computer lab would understand why. There’s nothing like waiting 30 minutes for your copies to come off the printer… then you have to dig through all the other papers that someone printed out, but decided they didn’t want. Yep… lots of wasted paper, and people printing out stuff for their businesses, etc. The way its set up now I’ll have to log back in at the print station to release my print jobs, and if I decide I don’t need them (or if I don’t release them) they expire after a certain amount of time. I wonder how long this will last…. I’m sure the lines at the printer will be short now.

Last night we went to the gym on base for a bit. I did a mile on the elliptical and a mile on the treadmill. I know… that’s not a lot, but I’ve put off regular exercise for a while, so I’m coming back slowly. This morning I woke up with a nasty headache… so more water for me while exercising is a must! I’m better now… lots of water and Excedrin really helped.

Have a wonderful Saturday!