One day down

One day down and 364 to go. I wonder how many of those will be just like today…. fog, rain, thunderstorms, tornado watches and non-stop marathons to watch on TV! We had a pretty good day even though the weather was rather nasty. I did cook the traditional black eyed peas and greens for lunch, and tonight for dinner I made a low carb pizza. Mmmmmm… tasty.

Last night we stayed up until midnight watching the ball drop in Times Square, then shot off most of the fireworks we had left from last year. For a bit I wasn’t sure I could stay awake until then and even offered to ’switch to Eastern time’ just for a bit so I could get some sleep. Funny thing was that once we went to bed I wasn’t sleepy and I needed the sleep because we were going to the 8am church service this morning. We made it to church.. a little sleepy, but by the time we were back home I was wide awake.

Did you make any New Years Resolutions? I kind of have one… maybe two. #1 – get back to the gym, play some tennis, and find my roller blades and #2 – stop biting my nails again… bad bad habit.

Ok… off to see where everyone has went off to… have a good night!