How has your week been?

Opps… I missed a few days posting. I’m sure glad that posting regular wasn’t one of my new year resolutions. Well… remember when it was raining, and I wished for better weather? Sure enough.. we had 80 degree weather and sunshine the very next day. That lasted a few days and now its cold again.
We went down to the tennis court for a bit around lunch today. Tried out the new rackets and we actually worked up a little sweat. Pretty good considering its kind of cool today. I could really use a nap about now too….

Thursday I drove down to campus to pick up my last book, or that was what my plan was. For one class they still haven’t decided on a book… maybe we won’t have one! Would be nice to save that money for something else.. like paying for gas.

Oh… I played Betty Crocker yesterday. There was a recipe that I’d found that I wanted to try, and it turned out pretty good. Carrot and ginger soup doesn’t sound too good, but we actually liked it. I doctored it up a little… added some heat to it, so really it was Spicey carrot and ginger soup. The batch ended up being more than we could eat, so there is plenty in the freezer for later.

Well.. have a great Saturday! Oh yeah… I didn’t mention where I went on Friday, but here’s a clue.