An Attempt to Catch-up Post


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Here’s a picture of what we did on Saturday. The raised veggie beds needed some soil, so we went down to the place where they sell the mushroom compost and picked up a truck load. We still need about another 1/2 load to finish the last one.
Hmmm… now to decide on what to plant. ( Seed Savers link ) So far I’ve picked out Purple Podded Pole Beans, Miniature White Cucumbers, Casper (white) Eggplant, Thai Green Eggplant, Hearts of Gold Melon (to run out into the yard), Red Burgundy Okra, Purple Peruvian Potato, Tom Thumb Peas (in pots), Alma Paprika (in pots), and Chervene Chuska Pepper (in pots). I know this sounds like a lot, but only a couple plants each until we figure out what it will hold. Most are compact growing plants, and the ones that run will be planted to either go up poles, or run out into the yard.
We’re also going to try our hand at the “hanging tomato” containers for our tomatoes. This is the container that lets the plant grow upside down from the bottom of the container.
Well… this was my attempt at posting again. Maybe things will pick up and I’ll be in more of a “posting” mood later.

Ok.. I’m off to see what’s coming up for auction over at the surplus auction that starts on Wednesday. Then over to campus to pick up my Visual Studio software that I need for class. Have a great day! Enjoy the sunshine if you have it!