Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Long distance:: Phone Call
  2. Meant to be:: Me
  3. Here:: There
  4. Endless:: Summer
  5. Resentment:: Bitterness
  6. Insipid:: huh?
  7. Bunny:: Rabbit
  8. Slogan:: “Plop plop fizz fizz”
  9. Naked:: Chef
  10. Sarcasm:: Saturday Night Live


So, what did I do this week? Let’s see. I went down to the auction bright and early Wednesday morning, and took some notes on what things were selling for. If your looking to score on 3 pallets of 10-15 desktop computers with monitors and keyboards for anywhere between $100 to $300, then thats the place to be. Now that doesn’t mean they all work, so it’s kind of like a lottery… you might hit, you might not. There was a “lot” of 20-25 laptops w/ 9 cases of new laptop bags that looked more promising, but that one went for $1,800.

I won’t say I wasn’t tempted… but I held out for my desks to come up for auction. Well around 1pm it comes time for the two desks that I want to come up for bid… considering how people were going at it over the other furniture I wasn’t sure how this one would go. Well get this…. I won my auction for just $10. Not bad…now once we pick them up I’ll have to decide where to put the one I want… the other one will most likely go downstairs. Yeah.. they need some cleaning, a little scratch covering and general TLC.. but I’m still proud of ‘em!

Hmmm… what’s in store for this weekend? I’m really not sure. The raised garden beds need more soil now that they’ve settled after all the rain, but it’s supposed to rain sometime tomorrow (I think). I have two more Security quizzes to finish, but that shouldn’t take too long, and a chapter to read in my Disaster class. Oh.. and we can’t forget about In Justice coming on tonight. There’s something about that show that I really like, and I don’t know if it has anything to do with Twin Peaks guy or not! I guess once day we’ll have to have a Twin Peaks marathon day… now where are those tapes at, I know there around here somewhere.

An Attempt to Catch-up Post


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Here’s a picture of what we did on Saturday. The raised veggie beds needed some soil, so we went down to the place where they sell the mushroom compost and picked up a truck load. We still need about another 1/2 load to finish the last one.
Hmmm… now to decide on what to plant. ( Seed Savers link ) So far I’ve picked out Purple Podded Pole Beans, Miniature White Cucumbers, Casper (white) Eggplant, Thai Green Eggplant, Hearts of Gold Melon (to run out into the yard), Red Burgundy Okra, Purple Peruvian Potato, Tom Thumb Peas (in pots), Alma Paprika (in pots), and Chervene Chuska Pepper (in pots). I know this sounds like a lot, but only a couple plants each until we figure out what it will hold. Most are compact growing plants, and the ones that run will be planted to either go up poles, or run out into the yard.
We’re also going to try our hand at the “hanging tomato” containers for our tomatoes. This is the container that lets the plant grow upside down from the bottom of the container.
Well… this was my attempt at posting again. Maybe things will pick up and I’ll be in more of a “posting” mood later.

Ok.. I’m off to see what’s coming up for auction over at the surplus auction that starts on Wednesday. Then over to campus to pick up my Visual Studio software that I need for class. Have a great day! Enjoy the sunshine if you have it!

Mmmmmmm Mukka

My Mukka

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Can you say cappuccino? I was surprised on Saturday when this cute little thing arrived in the mail all the way from Italy (Thanks Nikki!). After reading the directions a couple times I finally gave it a try… I will say it works very well! Is there anything like a “cappuccino diet”? I mean really.. how many calories can there be??? Plus I’m sure J will be stocking up on coffee for me.. especially after reading this article.


Where has the week gone…
I’m still out here.. enjoying my last semi-free weekend before classes really start rolling. As usual the first day of classes this week were short and sweet and I was actually home by about 10pm. The C++II class is pretty straight forward and most of the work will be done in class. Plus since our professor has a 8am class the following day, we won’t be staying late like we did in the previous class.

The other two classes seem to be pretty much the same.. one dealing with Security, and the other with Disaster Recovery…. which both go hand-in-hand. One class we don’t have a textbook, but we’re getting PDF copies of each chapter to use instead… yeah saved $80. Now I’ll just have to remember to print them off at school when they become available. Speaking of school… they’ve started a new “Printing Policy” on campus in the computer lab. Current students are given a $50 credit for the semester to use for making copies. That means we’ll be “charged” $.10 for each page we print. I knew something like this would happen, and anyone that has used our computer lab would understand why. There’s nothing like waiting 30 minutes for your copies to come off the printer… then you have to dig through all the other papers that someone printed out, but decided they didn’t want. Yep… lots of wasted paper, and people printing out stuff for their businesses, etc. The way its set up now I’ll have to log back in at the print station to release my print jobs, and if I decide I don’t need them (or if I don’t release them) they expire after a certain amount of time. I wonder how long this will last…. I’m sure the lines at the printer will be short now.

Last night we went to the gym on base for a bit. I did a mile on the elliptical and a mile on the treadmill. I know… that’s not a lot, but I’ve put off regular exercise for a while, so I’m coming back slowly. This morning I woke up with a nasty headache… so more water for me while exercising is a must! I’m better now… lots of water and Excedrin really helped.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

How has your week been?

Opps… I missed a few days posting. I’m sure glad that posting regular wasn’t one of my new year resolutions. Well… remember when it was raining, and I wished for better weather? Sure enough.. we had 80 degree weather and sunshine the very next day. That lasted a few days and now its cold again.
We went down to the tennis court for a bit around lunch today. Tried out the new rackets and we actually worked up a little sweat. Pretty good considering its kind of cool today. I could really use a nap about now too….

Thursday I drove down to campus to pick up my last book, or that was what my plan was. For one class they still haven’t decided on a book… maybe we won’t have one! Would be nice to save that money for something else.. like paying for gas.

Oh… I played Betty Crocker yesterday. There was a recipe that I’d found that I wanted to try, and it turned out pretty good. Carrot and ginger soup doesn’t sound too good, but we actually liked it. I doctored it up a little… added some heat to it, so really it was Spicey carrot and ginger soup. The batch ended up being more than we could eat, so there is plenty in the freezer for later.

Well.. have a great Saturday! Oh yeah… I didn’t mention where I went on Friday, but here’s a clue.