Thursday Thirteen – Vol. 1

Thirteen Things I remember about Christmas when I was a kid.

1. Christmas Lights – we always went for a drive on Christmas Eve to the highest part of town so we could see how all the lights looked.

2. Snow – nope.. no snow for us on Christmas. I remember wishing for snow, but then again Daddy would tell us if it was too cold outside, we’d have to build a fire in the fireplace, and then Santa couldn’t deliever the goodies.

3. Stockings – Always stockings hanging on the fireplace. Candy, oranges, pecans, small toys… I remember getting tiny Dawn dolls for a couple years in a row.. I always lost their shoes. Here’s mine. I found her new shoes on Ebay.

4. Santa – I never had a problem with visiting Santa Claus.. usually we’d head up to either Sears to visit with Santa. His chair would be set up in the toy section, usually over by all the Pooh stuffed animals.

5. Christmas Day – was usually spent at my Grandmothers house. Lots of food, lots of presents that we’d exchange with each other.

6. Toys – Kitchen appliance toys.. good old metal ones, and Romper Room “stomper clompers”?? those yellow upside down cups with the strings connected to them, you put them on your feet and tried to walk on top.

7. Tree – a real one… everyone loved the smell, plus even a month later you were still finding needles in the carpets. My aunt always had a silver tree with the colored light wheel that turned underneath. My sister has that tree now… I’ll have to check it out when we go visit for Christmas.

8. Decorations – My aunt had a large painted Santa that was made from wood that always stood by their front door, and my Grandmother always had these little pixie elf dolls that their hands were sewn together so they could hang on to things.

9. Christmas Parade – we would go watch the Christmas parade each year. I remember lots of venders selling those blow up reindeer and Santa toys. We’d go to my aunts office, and watch from her office balcony on the second floor. We’d stay warm, plus have a good view.

10. Santa Visits? – I don’t remember Santa coming to our house to visit, but he did show up at my grandmothers house one year.

11. Scary – On Christmas morning Daddy would get us up early, telling us “we better be quiet… Santa might still be in the living room”. We’d slowly walk towards the hall door (which was closed so Santa wouldn’t wake us up putting out the toys). Just as we’d open the door to peek in Daddy would jump at us and scare the heck out of us. It was still fun… and next year the same thing would happen again.

12. Too Old for Santa – I don’t remember how old I was, but I do remember that I was beginning to doubt it all, that mom and dad put out the goodies while we were asleep. We went for a drive to see the Christmas lights and when we got back someone in red ran from our carport. There sat a new go-cart and inside were all the goodies under the tree. So much for not believing!

13. Merry Christmas!!!

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