Mission Accomplished

I’m finally registered for Spring classes.. Yeah! Last night I checked (again) to see if my grade on my pre-req class had been posted so I could register for two more INFO classes. Sure enough… finally, 5 weeks after my exam the grade was posted. I was tickled pink to see that “A” sitting there… now if I can only register. The last time I’d check on the classes I need, it showed that there were only 4 spots open in Disaster Recovery, and 10 spots open in Network Security. Will it work? Yep.. I’m in.

Backing up a little…

Yesterday it was decided that the time had come for Libby to get a little haircut. Her hair gets so thick, especially around her neck that we have to keep check on her collar to make sure it doesn’t get too tight. I called to make an appointment, and they say to “Drop her off around lunch”. I figure its not a problem… with World Market next door, I’ll have plenty to keep me busy, plus they always have free coffee to try.
While at World Market I look for some Pfeffernüsse cookies… they had them last year, but no luck this year. After a while at WM I head over to Target for a bit… talk about crowded! Next I decide its not too much longer before time to pick up Libby, so I run by Sonic to get a Coke, then sit outside PetSmart listening to one of my audio books, The Cat Who Went Underground.
Soon it’s time to pick up Libby… she’s quite excited to be heading home, all shaved and with her new scarf on. That won’t last long.