Knock Knock

Who’s there? Ok, it’s just me but I thought I better post a little something today. Hmmmm… should I recap the past few days, or just skip to the present?

Christmas eve we drove down to Mobile to spend the day with my sister and her family. We left out around 7:30ish avoiding some of the rain on the way down, and arrived around 11am. The funny part was we left here with frost on the ground, and by 1pm I was sweating… I guess thats what I get for wearing a long sleeve sweater! Time was spent there for a early dinner/late lunch, we opened presents, then once the thunder and heavy rain started we had to head home (plus we’re listening to the The Chronicles of Narnia-gotta see what happens!). See we left Cat and Libby inside… they are used to being inside, but lately things get chewed up if they are left alone too long. Hmmm will we have a surprise when we get home? Will doggie Santa have left us gifts too?

We were home around 7pm… rain most of the way back home, something I’m not too fond of driving in. Guess what… no doggie surprises! I guess that was their Christmas gift to us… nothing chewed up! They regressed on Monday though… eating a whole bag of hamburger buns while we were gone to dinner!

Christmas Day we were up early and went to Christmas service at our church. Yep, I’m proud to say our church was not ‘closed’ on Christmas Day. The rest of the day we watched some tv… checked out our gifts… and just enjoyed the day as a whole.

Monday I left out early to pick up G around lunch time. We were back home around 4:30pm… off to dinner for the traditional after Christmas Mexican feast.. hehe and as I’ve already told you, the disappearing bun incident.

As for yesterday… not much going on. G’s breaking in the new ‘puter he got for Christmas, I’ve been working on some genealogy, and catching up on my soap I missed on Monday.

Today… rain rain rain.