Sorry I haven’t posted much… lots of things going on, and then catching a nasty stomach virus on Monday. Nothing like having rounds of chills, fever and multiple runs to the bathroom to talk to ‘ralph’. (Thanks for the cold wet wash cloths, J ). Over the weekend we went to see Narnia.. it’s probably where I caught the bug, but who know… it could have been a bad burger or something.

I did go to the doctor on Tuesday and laughed when the doctor wanted to know why I was there. I’d orginally scheduled the appointment for a general check-up.. oh well, “two birds – one stone”. After spending a couple hours at the doctors office for a cortisone shot for my hip, blood work, prescription for nausea medicine, and orders for a hip xray… we’re finally back home around 6pm. All in all I’m feeling a lot better today, even had Mexican for lunch. Plus the cortisone shot seems to have helped my hip…even though it hurt like a $%^@# going in. I don’t care how many times they say “put all your weight on your other leg” my other side still tightens up!

I took my car down today for the insurance company to look at, and give me the go ahead in getting it fixed. Right now I have the estimate, but they are still waiting to talk with the other driver (seem’s her father called them, but they want to talk to her). Hmmm… I wonder if they’ll let me get the convertible mustang for my rental car???

PS… today’s our 7th anniversary… I wonder where we’ll go for dinner? ;-) Happy Anniversary J!!! Love you!