Friday List

What did you do today? As for me… lets see:
l. Talked to my sister online for a bit this morning. Looks like we’ll be going there for Christmas this year.
2. Figured out why the DVR had quit recording. If all else fails, just remember to unplug the power so it reboots.
3. Checked to see if my grades had been changed at school. Umm not yet.
4. Filled out my deferment papers on my school loan.
5. Went by McD’s to pick up some lunch. Ate at the park by the river before going into the Library. Found a neat book about the heritage of counties in Alabama. Read through the one on Calhoun county… where I grew up. I’ll have to go back when I’ve got time to make copies. I also found out that we were one of the pioneering families to settle in the county.
6. Checked out two audio CD books from the library: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and The Horse and His Boy.. both by C.S. Lewis.
7. Came home in time to catch the UPS guy dropping of some boxes… its Christmas time…
8. Thinking about getting out the Christmas tree over the weekend.
9. Stopped off at Factory Outlet and bought me a pretty suit for church. It has a skirt thats to my ankles, so I can wear my boots.
10. Finished listening to The Cat Who Sniffed Glue on the way back home…

Yawn…. can I take a nap now?