Can you say

LOL.. no I’m not referring to good old Emeril Lagasse over on FoodTV, but to the sound that I heard and felt while sitting at a red light Tuesday. Yep… there I was sitting in my little ‘03 Sante Fe, listening to The Cat Who Went Underground, waiting on the light to change and someone hit me. I’m just glad I was holding the brake nice and hard, else I would have ran into the car in front of me. No real damage to my bumper, just a lot of scratches, but the paint on the other car looked a lot worse. See.. that’s what I get for going down to campus just to square away a few forms that I needed to sign. But hey.. I finally got to meet two of our campus police officers. (for those of you that read here that I know have been on campus, it was at the red light leaving campus onto Taylor Road) Like J said to me last night… “What would have happened if you’d been on your bike…” I can only imagine. -(
Anyway today I’ll contact the other drivers insurance company and see what I need to do about the scratches. I called them (the insurance company yesterday, but the info I was given by the driver wasn’t enough), so I drove back down to pick up the accident report, plus picked up two of the books that I’ll need for Spring classes.

Well its almost 10am and I need to get busy…

Oh.. I found another freebie. A full size bottle of Olay Total Effects by mail. It never hurts to try and head off those wrinkles!

Update: My vehicle has an appointment now for next week to see the doctor.