Well I’m finally caught up with all my exams. I finished out the last two this week… what a relief.

I finally put up two trees… the small Christmas tree now sits on the wine rack in the living room, and mom’s tree is currently in the front dining room. I’ve also set up all my Dickens Houses, but I’m not sure if I’ll leave them where they are. After I set them all out I realized they cover the whole island in the kitchen. I have a idea about putting them on the mantel above the fireplace…. but I’m not sure yet. At least if they were up on the mantel I wouldn’t have to worry about Tora playing in the ’snow’.

This morning after it warmed up a little, and the sun came out, I decide to get the lawn mower out and chop up some leaves. After moving the bikes out of the garage so I’ll have room to back it out, I find out that the battery has gone dead. Well by the time I find the charger the sun is gone, its cloudy, and cold again! Oh well… they aren’t going anywhere, so maybe I’ll get to them this week.


Looking for that perfect gift? Then why not “Get the Ex!”.. it even has a 25 year warranty!

Not your style? Then how about some Starbuck Liqueur.

How about some Flashy Quackers to light up the bathtub?

Or your very own Darth Vader Lightsaber….


Ok.. off to watch a little tv. Toodles!