After the fact

Well I had a post that I was working on but since I was on the Axim I lost it when the battery died… so here goes again. Are you ready for Christmas? Have you finished all your shopping.. wrapping.. tree decorating? If so.. head over to our house and help me get in the swing for Christmas. Four or five times I’ve thought about getting out the tree, but then I go start up another project or something and forget about it. I do have the wreath on the door, so I’m not too far behind.

This morning I have been working on a few Christmas cards that need to go out now, since they have a pretty good distance to travel and maybe on Friday I can finish with the rest. I might work on them this evening (after exam #2), but most likely I’ll be back to studying for exam #3 tomorrow.

Yesterday since I was already in town for lunch with J, I decided to stop off by the BIG post office down in Montgomery to mail off my goodie box for My Soldier, but the line was out the door so I just came back to our little post office. Back home in no time since there was only one person in line… I’ve learned my lesson, plus now I have Christmas stamps for the cards I want to send. (Notice.. it’s CHRISTMAS stamps… not Holiday stamps)

Winter is finally here and the proof is in my flowerbed. The birdbath is frozen over, and some plants look like they are melting. I guess the weekend will be a good time to clean out all the plants that didn’t make it and maybe get out the mower to chop up some leaves. Last year I just raked them down into the ditch by the road… but after a few weeks they were wet and mushy… killing the grass. Plus when it rained they stopped up the drain that goes under the driveway. I think chopping them up will work a little better this time.

Ok.. time to run. More later.

In other news…..

“A leader at Auburn University is calling on her student government to reclaim a recently dubbed “Holiday tree” as a Christmas tree.
The Alabama school’s Student Government Association has lit a Christmas tree at the beginning of December for the past 25 years, but this year, a press release announced the lighting of a “Holiday tree” last Thursday. (”

Read the whole article over at:
Student protests university’s ‘Holiday tree’