Knock Knock

Who’s there? Ok, it’s just me but I thought I better post a little something today. Hmmmm… should I recap the past few days, or just skip to the present?

Christmas eve we drove down to Mobile to spend the day with my sister and her family. We left out around 7:30ish avoiding some of the rain on the way down, and arrived around 11am. The funny part was we left here with frost on the ground, and by 1pm I was sweating… I guess thats what I get for wearing a long sleeve sweater! Time was spent there for a early dinner/late lunch, we opened presents, then once the thunder and heavy rain started we had to head home (plus we’re listening to the The Chronicles of Narnia-gotta see what happens!). See we left Cat and Libby inside… they are used to being inside, but lately things get chewed up if they are left alone too long. Hmmm will we have a surprise when we get home? Will doggie Santa have left us gifts too?

We were home around 7pm… rain most of the way back home, something I’m not too fond of driving in. Guess what… no doggie surprises! I guess that was their Christmas gift to us… nothing chewed up! They regressed on Monday though… eating a whole bag of hamburger buns while we were gone to dinner!

Christmas Day we were up early and went to Christmas service at our church. Yep, I’m proud to say our church was not ‘closed’ on Christmas Day. The rest of the day we watched some tv… checked out our gifts… and just enjoyed the day as a whole.

Monday I left out early to pick up G around lunch time. We were back home around 4:30pm… off to dinner for the traditional after Christmas Mexican feast.. hehe and as I’ve already told you, the disappearing bun incident.

As for yesterday… not much going on. G’s breaking in the new ‘puter he got for Christmas, I’ve been working on some genealogy, and catching up on my soap I missed on Monday.

Today… rain rain rain.

Mmmmm Puppy Chow!

Thanks for the recipe Kim!!! I’m sure this one is going to blow my diet!! LOL

Just in case anyone would like to try some … I’ll share the recipe here too!

Puppy Chow
1 stick butter melted
1 bag chocolate chips
1 cup peanut butter
1 teaspoon vanilla

Heat til it’s all melted.
Pour over 3 cups of Rice Chex.
Mix thoroughly.

Then, dump the entire bowl into a brown paper bag which has ONE box of confectionary sugar in the bottom.
Shake up and down!!

Thursday Thirteen – Vol. 1

Thirteen Things I remember about Christmas when I was a kid.

1. Christmas Lights – we always went for a drive on Christmas Eve to the highest part of town so we could see how all the lights looked.

2. Snow – nope.. no snow for us on Christmas. I remember wishing for snow, but then again Daddy would tell us if it was too cold outside, we’d have to build a fire in the fireplace, and then Santa couldn’t deliever the goodies.

3. Stockings – Always stockings hanging on the fireplace. Candy, oranges, pecans, small toys… I remember getting tiny Dawn dolls for a couple years in a row.. I always lost their shoes. Here’s mine. I found her new shoes on Ebay.

4. Santa – I never had a problem with visiting Santa Claus.. usually we’d head up to either Sears to visit with Santa. His chair would be set up in the toy section, usually over by all the Pooh stuffed animals.

5. Christmas Day – was usually spent at my Grandmothers house. Lots of food, lots of presents that we’d exchange with each other.

6. Toys – Kitchen appliance toys.. good old metal ones, and Romper Room “stomper clompers”?? those yellow upside down cups with the strings connected to them, you put them on your feet and tried to walk on top.

7. Tree – a real one… everyone loved the smell, plus even a month later you were still finding needles in the carpets. My aunt always had a silver tree with the colored light wheel that turned underneath. My sister has that tree now… I’ll have to check it out when we go visit for Christmas.

8. Decorations – My aunt had a large painted Santa that was made from wood that always stood by their front door, and my Grandmother always had these little pixie elf dolls that their hands were sewn together so they could hang on to things.

9. Christmas Parade – we would go watch the Christmas parade each year. I remember lots of venders selling those blow up reindeer and Santa toys. We’d go to my aunts office, and watch from her office balcony on the second floor. We’d stay warm, plus have a good view.

10. Santa Visits? – I don’t remember Santa coming to our house to visit, but he did show up at my grandmothers house one year.

11. Scary – On Christmas morning Daddy would get us up early, telling us “we better be quiet… Santa might still be in the living room”. We’d slowly walk towards the hall door (which was closed so Santa wouldn’t wake us up putting out the toys). Just as we’d open the door to peek in Daddy would jump at us and scare the heck out of us. It was still fun… and next year the same thing would happen again.

12. Too Old for Santa – I don’t remember how old I was, but I do remember that I was beginning to doubt it all, that mom and dad put out the goodies while we were asleep. We went for a drive to see the Christmas lights and when we got back someone in red ran from our carport. There sat a new go-cart and inside were all the goodies under the tree. So much for not believing!

13. Merry Christmas!!!

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Sorry I haven’t posted much… lots of things going on, and then catching a nasty stomach virus on Monday. Nothing like having rounds of chills, fever and multiple runs to the bathroom to talk to ‘ralph’. (Thanks for the cold wet wash cloths, J ). Over the weekend we went to see Narnia.. it’s probably where I caught the bug, but who know… it could have been a bad burger or something.

I did go to the doctor on Tuesday and laughed when the doctor wanted to know why I was there. I’d orginally scheduled the appointment for a general check-up.. oh well, “two birds – one stone”. After spending a couple hours at the doctors office for a cortisone shot for my hip, blood work, prescription for nausea medicine, and orders for a hip xray… we’re finally back home around 6pm. All in all I’m feeling a lot better today, even had Mexican for lunch. Plus the cortisone shot seems to have helped my hip…even though it hurt like a $%^@# going in. I don’t care how many times they say “put all your weight on your other leg” my other side still tightens up!

I took my car down today for the insurance company to look at, and give me the go ahead in getting it fixed. Right now I have the estimate, but they are still waiting to talk with the other driver (seem’s her father called them, but they want to talk to her). Hmmm… I wonder if they’ll let me get the convertible mustang for my rental car???

PS… today’s our 7th anniversary… I wonder where we’ll go for dinner? ;-) Happy Anniversary J!!! Love you!

Can you say

LOL.. no I’m not referring to good old Emeril Lagasse over on FoodTV, but to the sound that I heard and felt while sitting at a red light Tuesday. Yep… there I was sitting in my little ‘03 Sante Fe, listening to The Cat Who Went Underground, waiting on the light to change and someone hit me. I’m just glad I was holding the brake nice and hard, else I would have ran into the car in front of me. No real damage to my bumper, just a lot of scratches, but the paint on the other car looked a lot worse. See.. that’s what I get for going down to campus just to square away a few forms that I needed to sign. But hey.. I finally got to meet two of our campus police officers. (for those of you that read here that I know have been on campus, it was at the red light leaving campus onto Taylor Road) Like J said to me last night… “What would have happened if you’d been on your bike…” I can only imagine. -(
Anyway today I’ll contact the other drivers insurance company and see what I need to do about the scratches. I called them (the insurance company yesterday, but the info I was given by the driver wasn’t enough), so I drove back down to pick up the accident report, plus picked up two of the books that I’ll need for Spring classes.

Well its almost 10am and I need to get busy…

Oh.. I found another freebie. A full size bottle of Olay Total Effects by mail. It never hurts to try and head off those wrinkles!

Update: My vehicle has an appointment now for next week to see the doctor.