Ours was pretty good… I decided against heading down to Walmart since there wasn’t anything on sale that I couldn’t live without, even thought this little beauty does look good.

Thanksgiving we spent over at a friends house for dinner and then watched a movie. After that we headed home… time to let the doggies out before they think we’d abandoned them. It all worked out pretty good, and they didn’t chew anything up while we were gone! LOL
Today we I slept in.. to 8:30. No need in getting up on a holiday, even if everyone was headed out to the sales. At 11:00 we headed into town for a little lunch before J’s 1pm appointment over at Capital City Tattoo. He dropped off his sketch and ideas last week on what he wanted (a celtic cross with the celtic knot from my tattoo added in the middle), and made a appointment for today. They needed the time to work out the design and make a new sketch to go by. After two hours we were on our way… no… I did not get another one, but now that he’s caught up with my three, I’m pretty sure I’ll add another in the future.

Well.. time to go see what’s on TV and catch up with stuff thats we’ve DVR’d this week.

(click the pic for a larger view)