XM widget

Do you love your XM? Do you hate using your current program to listen to XM on your computer?

Try XaMp desktop
Its a small little program that resides on your taskbar. It pops up a little ‘bubble’ when the song changes and shows the artist and song title. You can save presets too.

Pretty neat little gadget… thanks J

Mid-week Update

Yes… I’m still around. I’ve just been a little lazy about posting…again.

  • Saturday
  • We headed up to Clanton to visit The Winery on Main. It’s a new little winery that I’d seen advertised, but just never stopped to see what they have going on. Who would have thought that locating Main Street would be so hard… it’s not a large town. We finally found it, sampled what they have and left with several bottles of their Prince of Wales (Black Raspberry Merlot) and Marie Antoinette (Riesling). This coming weekend they will have their Ice Wine available…. with only a few hundred bottles available I might just take a drive back up to pick up a few of those too.

  • Sunday
  • Up early for the early service at church. McD’s for some breakfast, then Wally world for a few groceries… tv and house cleaning. Then off to the movies to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I had two tickets that I’d won off of Blingo that we needed to use since they expire in a couple days. Pretty good movie…but rather dark. Not to spoil it for you… but I did not like the ending. The movie just sort of stops… for me it did not have a ‘ending’… maybe the book is better.
    I also called Aunt M to see how things were up their way. My uncle has been having a hard time getting over a bout of pneumonia… plus with several visits to the doctor and more tests…they say he has lung problems due to having pneumonia so many times. He’s feeling better but hates not being able to do anything… he loves working in the yard. I also wanted to check on Aunt J… she’s in the hospital (cancer)… its not looking good so send your prayers her way.

  • Monday
  • Hmmm… what did I do Monday? Oh yeah… lots of house cleaning. It’s amazing how much I can get accomplished when I want to avoid studying. There’s a cure to that…

  • Tuesday
  • I went down to the campus to “cure my cleaning habit”. See … if I have a deadline for exams then I’ll study like a good little student would. I dropped on advising to see how things were going about my grade change. Two weeks have passed and I still show incomplete on my grade. Well… seems that all the paperwork to change my grade goes through two department heads and two Deans getting changed. As soon as that grade is posted I’ll be able to register for my other two classes.
    Plus while I was there I set up times to take my last to finals… nothing like a deadline to get in the studying mood.

    I also scanned in about 100 more photos…

    Ours was pretty good… I decided against heading down to Walmart since there wasn’t anything on sale that I couldn’t live without, even thought this little beauty does look good.

    Thanksgiving we spent over at a friends house for dinner and then watched a movie. After that we headed home… time to let the doggies out before they think we’d abandoned them. It all worked out pretty good, and they didn’t chew anything up while we were gone! LOL
    Today we I slept in.. to 8:30. No need in getting up on a holiday, even if everyone was headed out to the sales. At 11:00 we headed into town for a little lunch before J’s 1pm appointment over at Capital City Tattoo. He dropped off his sketch and ideas last week on what he wanted (a celtic cross with the celtic knot from my tattoo added in the middle), and made a appointment for today. They needed the time to work out the design and make a new sketch to go by. After two hours we were on our way… no… I did not get another one, but now that he’s caught up with my three, I’m pretty sure I’ll add another in the future.

    Well.. time to go see what’s on TV and catch up with stuff thats we’ve DVR’d this week.

    (click the pic for a larger view)

    Have a great holiday!

    I’ve been around this week… but I’m just not in a posting mood these days. I finally started on scanning in two boxes of photos that were Mom’s… this is going to take a while. I spent most of Monday sorting through all the photos, and by the time I was finished I was in a daze. I had not looked through those photos in years… nothing like reliving everything you see (of those times that your remember) all in several hours. After a while I was able to identify photos that belonged “together”.. even when there was no dates, if your lucky there are printed codes on the back from the developer… match those and your good to go! I do believe this little project is going to take a while.

    Have a great Thanksgiving holiday… enjoy your time with family and friends… stay safe and don’t forget the cool whip for the pumpkin pie!

    PS… I got a “A” on my Data Comm final and ended up with a “A” for my final grade! Yeah Me! Now to tackle Data Base Mgmt and Operations Mgmt… joy joy!

    Gerber Rainbow

    Gerber Rainbow

    Originally uploaded by PamB.

    I thought I’d post a little… just so you know I’m still around. We kind of slept late so we missed the early service at church, but we’re going to go over for the late service in just a few. I’m feeling a little better today.. still have a bit of a cough.

    Did you watch the game yesterday? We Alabama lose to Auburn… boy someone sure had a bad day yesterday. Nothing like being remembered as the most sacked quarterback in Iron Bowl history…. ok, so I’m not sure if its true, but 11 times is alot! Poor poor boy… I bet that was a long ride back to Tuscaloosa last night.

    Oh well.. War Eagle!