One of those days

Calgon…. take me away! I think I over did it today… not at the gym, but in the back yard.
This morning I noticed that Libby was wet… hmmm… not good, she’s probably been drinking out of the watergarden again. Then I see it. She’s pulled the plants from the watergarden! My pretty lily that finally bloomed after five years and two watergardens at two different houses is laying around the yard. -( Yep… she must have been chasing the goldfish and decided that plant was just in the way!

Well… the plants did need cleaning out, so I guess today was as good a day as any to do it. After about two hours I’m finished… stinky from all the gunk that was in the pond filter, but it does look better. I managed to save my lily, and now its in three different pots, so it did need repotting after all.

Oh.. it gets better. Before the lily incident I called the window guys to see when they are going to do the windows. Ummm… tomorrow at 9am. So that meant I needed to move everything thats within three feet of the windows, take down curtains, and the blinds. I’m finished with everything except for G’s room, and there are boxes in there that are just too heavy to move. I still haven’t taken down the blinds, so that will have to be done later… maybe when J gets home we can tackle that project.

And before all that happened…last week I called the gas company to have the gas turned back on at mom’s house so the pipes don’t freeze (low 30’s last week..brrr). Well they said they would be out this morning to turn everything back on and lite all the pilots. They redtaged the hot water heater saying it wasn’t vented correctly (there were two vents, and it only needs one). So I called my uncle (a plumber) and he’s going to go by tomorrow and fix it. Geee…. the darn thing was fine for the past 10 years… if its not one thing its another.

Well… I need to move all the plants from under the windows on the porch. Later taters!

where are those Milkyways…….

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A War Dog

A War Dog’s Faithful Friend

By Ruben Castaneda
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, October 20, 2005; Page B01

Laurel lawyer John E. Smathers, a captain in the Army Reserve, returned from a year in Iraq with a broken arm, a wrecked knee and a chest full of medals.

During his tour, Smathers helped thwart a bank robbery and assisted in recovering stolen Iraqi artwork. He survived an ambush and a high-speed auto crash.

But when he got back in March 2004, he was determined to complete a final mission: to rescue Scout, a dog he and other soldiers had adopted, from the increasingly bloody streets of Baghdad and bring him to his Howard County home. Scout was resolute, loyal. So was Smathers.

Read the Full Story Here