Hmm.. lets try this again

Ok.. second attempt at posting a entry.. maybe I won’t close the window when I’m almost done! Dang it! This hasn’t happened in quite a long time! Ok.. here goes again.
Tomorrow is the big day.. I register for summer classes. Yes, you read that right, this year since since I don’t have any problems going on that will require me to be in the hospital, I’ll be taking classes. (’s been 3 years since I’ve taken a summer class!) Two classes down in 9 weeks.. then only 5 left to go before graduation! Oh its soooo close I can feel it! ;-) I know of someone who’ll be glad when I’m back at work.. and not running up student loans. It’s so close that I’ve started thinking about what I want to do when I grow up. (Hush..I hear you laughing!) Where I’d like to work at would be with a company doing enviromental testing, computer forensics, or any other computer type job. I’m not too picky.

Ok..time for bed.. I have to be up early if I’m going to try and get 1 of those 30 spots available for summer. Night! PS… thanks for the margaritis tonight J!!! ((SMOOCHIE))