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Sorry I didn’t post yesterday after I got home, but I was beat. The two hour drive up wasn’t bad at all, plus I listened to Sonic Theater all the way too. Sonic Theater is one of the XM channels that plays audio books, short stories, old radio shows, etc. I’ve not really listened to it much, so I didn’t realize the layout of the schedule until about the middle of the second hour. Each day at the same time you can hear an additional chapter of a book, movie, play, or radio series. So.. I heard chapter 6 of Bramstrokers Dracula, a couple episodes of Alien Planet, and a couple short stories that were rather funny. It’s kind of like series ‘tv’ for people on the road all the time.

Well mom’s visit to the doctor lasted only a hour this time..record time compared to the last visit. The doctor said the same thing (that I’d been thinking) that she’d stretched too far reaching into the cabinet, and the muscle pulled on the cracked rib. We also got the results of the bone density study, and now know why she broke her rib so easily. It’s called Osteopenia. So now she’s on some new medicine to help her bones called Fosamax that she takes just once a week. The doctor gave her 4 samples, which is a good thing, considering I’ve did a little searching and those little babies are $20 each here in the states. Depending on what her insurance covers, I just might look into what it takes to purchase from Canada. Heck..if the good old city of Montgomery Alabama employees can do it, then we should be able to also.
Did everyone take their calcium today? Drink your milk? Good girl!

I made it back home around 3:30 or so yesterday. About half way home I was getting tired, so I stopped of to get a Diet Dr. Pepper or something and decided to try one of those kicked up caffiene, yadda yadda yadda, not a Red Bull drink. This one was called a Stinger. Tasted pretty good, not sour and funky like some of those energy drinks.

Well I guess I should be getting ready for class. Only two classes for today, since my 7:30 class for tonight was cancelled.

Why do birds sing in the middle of the night??

Just a quick note to say HEY and to let you know I’m still around. I’m off to mom’s here shortly but I’ll be back later today. (She re-injured her rib again reaching for something up in a cabinet -( ) Hopefully things will move a little faster this time, and we’ll be out of there in less than 6 hours. I’m taking my Data Comm book just in case.

Classes are going well..we didn’t get back our exam from last Wednesday in Operations Mgmt, but we might get it back by next Monday. Our professor has been a little preoccupied since her husband deployed yesterday for a deployment that they tell him is expected to last a little over a year, so she hasn’t really thought about getting our exams graded. I’m sure we’ll get them before classes are over in 3 1/2 weeks.

Did you wake up at 1am to birds singing? We did.. no news of a earthquake, so there must have been something else out spooking the birds last night.

Ok.. off to get busy and on the road.