Whew..finally finished my Case that’s due tomorrow in Operations Mgmt. One report, a check list, 7 Run Charts, a Pareto diagram, and a Cause – Effect chart just for giggles. What did we hear in class last week.. “Oh! This is the shortest and easiest case to do, so you better do this one.” Hmm.. I wonder what a hard one looks like? We only have to do two of the case studies offered, so at least I’ve got one out of the way.

There’s a new Korean restaurant in town, and we just had to check it out today. Pretty good food, and the lunch portions were huge, not to mention all the kimchi we were served too. I have a feeling we’ll be going back there quite often, since its on our side of Montgomery. After lunch I headed back home so I could work on my case a little more. It was so hard to stay indoors.. nice and sunny outside, and really warm. I just had to raise the windows for a bit and enjoy the breeze (ok..it was a man-made breeze provided by our attic fan) , because if you’ve ever been down in ‘bama you know the weather will get hot here in a few weeks (maybe not).
Ok.. I’d type more, but I just can’t sit here at the computer anymore right now. See you in the morning.. I’m headed to bed.

Hmm.. will gas drop below $2 any time soon? $2.03 – $2.13 is just crazy! I remember when it was under $.75 a gallon… hmmm after thinking about that statement.. that was 25 years ago!!! gee I’m old.. LOL j/k

Just in case your wondering what the heck a Pareto Diagram looks like.. you’ve seen them before.