What a morning!

I spent the morning down on campus helping out the American Humanics Organization with their annual Easter egg hunt for disadvantaged children. How many Easter eggs do you think you can hide across a field thats about 2 acres? Yeah.. a lot! Well they aren’t actually hidden.. but when kids are that young all they want is the candy! They had games for the kids, a firetruck was there giving rides around campus, face painting, and even the Easter bunny was there for the kids to have their picture taken with him. Food and drinks were donated by Red Lobster and Carrabba’s even came out with their catering truck and cooked their spread right there. There was so much food! Ok.. now you know what we’re having for dinner.. they sent the volunteers home with “To Go” boxes of food! Mmmm chicken marsala and all the fixings.. I already hungry again!

I’m not sure how many kids where there, but they all looked to be having a really good time. One of the horse stables even brought out a horse for rides.. even if they did get there a bit late. I took a couple pictures, and when I get them fixed I’ll post a few. (*fixed means that they all turned out a touch blurry -()

**Update.. it appears like I did get a little sun today.. just call me red neck, and red face, -( I knew I should have worn some sunscreen!!!