Weekend Accomplished!

Ok.. I’m through messing around out in the yard for the weekend. Between mowing up leaves, cutting down briars that had grown to the top of some trees out back, and mulching up leaves that I’d raked up a few weekends ago.. I’m done! The yard looks really good.. free from leaves, and nice little mulch piles around the base of the trees. Funny thing is that each time I thought I was finished I’d come in shower and change…only to end up doing that two more times! I won’t mention getting pulled off the mower by some briars that came from out of now where, but I will say that the emergency cut off on the lawn mower does work. LOL.. I’m ok, just some nasty looks briar scratches on my arm. Between that incident and pulling the briars out of the trees this morning I look like I lost a cat fight.

Hmmm.. I wonder what’s on tv tonight. Ok.. off to watch a little tv, or maybe outside to mark some trees that I’d like cut down out back.

Currently Reading:
Storm Front (The Dresden Files, Book 1)