Long long day

Today felt like one of the longest days of class so far. I think it was mostly due to the fact that I was so stumped on my Case for Operations Mgmt, that I just couldn’t think of anything else. After class I asked to see what the actual formulas and contraints were…..I was so close.. oh well.. 5 more cases are coming up, and we only have to do two. Campus was a little weird today. Lots of guys in blue suits walking around, taking notes, asking questions. So far the school won’t tell anyone that George is coming for a visit on Thursday, but campus is closed and classes cancelled for Thursday. Wouldn’t you think that would be a clue? Between classes I was sitting outside.. so many suits, policemen, troopers and reporters.. hard to keep it all a secret. The clincher was the helicopter.. from what I could tell it was checking out the landing area on campus. There’s one place on campus that they always land, but if campus is closed I have a feeling I know exactly where they will land. Still no word on who will get tickets.. but I’m still hoping for a miracle from a friend at school who’s got connections.

Ok.. I’m in a Database class.. there are 12 students total. Last week we had our first exam (there are only 2 exams, then the final) and today we finally got our test back. He wasn’t happy at all. Since this is a upper-level class you have to have a C or better to graduate. Well our professor always gives us the breakdown before he gives us the exam back. For this exam it looked like this A’s=O, B’s=2, C’s=3, and the others. Ok.. I’m not a ‘other’! I was so worried about this exam..you never know what to expect, but since I had him before for C++ I really knew it was going to be hard. Whew… I was worried.

I went for advising this morning. I have 7 classes left!!! Yeah!!!! That means if I can pull it off I can graduate in two semesters!!! The only problem I have is that summer semester classes are so long.. just taking 2 is considered full-time! Choices choices!!! I still need to decide on a non-business elective.. hmmmm…maybe Wellness It’s like going to the gym and working out twice a week for a hour or so, and as long as you improve your doing good. Someone in my Database class took Golf for their non-business elective so they could improve their ’swing’.

Back to the weekend…
Mom and one of my aunts came down for the day on Sunday. They wanted me to show them how to get over to the ‘Casino’ thats only a few miles from us. My third visit turned out to Not be the charm. On the other two visits I came out a winner each time..usually just playing $5 and turning it into $75 then quitting the last time. I used that money as my ‘airport’ money for when I went to Italy last year. This time I didn’t win, but I did have fun playing on the quarter slots for a little while. Mom brought Johnny home her winnings.. LOL.. a voucher for $.03. Mom said I should get a job with the casino when Harrah’s finally starts building here. She wants me to figure out how to win… I told her that we went over the odds in Statistics and the only chance of actually winning more is to play cards or table games. Who knows…it could be fun, and they will be needing computer people too! Hmmm.. but I bet employee’s get a discount if they work for Hyundai too!

Ok.. time to find something to eat before getting ready to head back to class.. more later!