The weather was so pretty today.. a sunny and warm 78! I went down to the garden center for a short workshop on Hydrangea plants, then by the post office to ship off my camera. I sure hope they don’t keep it as long as they did the first time. After dropping off the camera I came home and did a little work in the yard. Why rake up leaves from this winter when the lawnmower chops them up just fine. The wind stuck around today too.. it was so windy for a while that as I was cutting them they were flying over into the neighbors yard (sorry ). I didn’t want to do that so I got the bagger out.. that didn’t work too well since it filled up so quickly, but I did end up with a couple piles of leaf mulch. It’s supposed to be another sunny day tomorrow.. more wind like today too. Right now I can hear my wind chimes outside.. sounds like they are going to fall apart.

Well..time to let the rest of the windows down (it’s going down into the 40’s tonight) and see what I can find on tv. Yawn… this won’t last long I’m sure.

Hydrangeas for American Gardens