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Do I have to go to school today???? Come on.. can’t I just say home for one more week? Oh well.. I guess I’ll go back today, its cloudy and gloomy again today, so better to spend it at school being productive. The sooner I get back, the sooner I’ll be finished with this semester, right? Hmmm.. I need to check on the class schedule for summer and fall to see if the schedule is out. I’m not really sure if I’ll take a class this summer, but I might if I can get something at a decent hour. I still need to decide on a non-business elective and to pick two Info electives. Right now my Info electives are looking more and more like C++II and Java. Oooo! Fun fun.

For Giggles:
Never Trust a Woman (mpe clip) Take a peek at this if your on a good fast connection.