Hey the sun came out!

I can’t believe it! The sun finally came out today! Thats a really nice sight to see when its been cloudy and raining all week. Maybe the pretty weather will hold out for the rest of my spring break (I’m not going to be holding my breath though). The yard is looking better today.. the grass is finally turning a little green and that pile of brush from last weekend is finally gone. I wonder where I could get a couple bails of hay? There is a area of the back yard that has no grass, so I raked up all the leaves there and spread some grass seed. Yeah I know.. I’m just feeding all the birds.. LOL. Hmmm… maybe I should put a feeder over there so when they drop seeds and they sprout I’ll get grass growing over there!

I went to work out this morning for a little while, then on into town to play with my old Canon AE-1 camera for a bit. It’s been a while since I’ve taken real pictures and with digital I’ve become very spoiled. No instant gratification with what you’ve captured… plus I’ll have to pay someone to do the developing! I drove down to the park to take a couple photos of the Betsy Ann before she’s sold and goes to her new home. Betsy Ann is a old paddle wheel boat that goes down and up the Coosa river. ( I didn’t say “up and down” the river because where she’s parked is as far as boats can go up the Coosa because of the rocks and small rapid.) I think they used to do dinner cruises too. Well the owners decided to sell her… maybe someone local will buy her, and keep her in business.

Did you notice the Adagio Teas link over there on the left?? Well if you add a link to their site and help them get noticed they will send you some free tea. I added my link then just today I recieved a email from them letting me know my tea is on its way. I’m not sure what I’ll get since your ‘tea reward’ is based on your Google Rank. So go check them out and add a link on your site too!
New from NetBank

“Drop off your NetBank deposits and mortgage loan payments* at any The UPS StoreTM location in the U.S. for delivery to NetBank via UPS Next Day Air® – free of charge! It’s QuickPost, our new deposit and payment forwarding service. ” No more mailing deposits that tend to take 4-5 days to post to my account.


Ok.. off to dinner we go.