Happy Easter

I hope everyone is having a great day. Here we’re in the middle of some rough storms which began late yesterday evening (only one two trips to the basement because of Tornado warning so far). Not much else going on around here except nap time. Libby is napping

and I’ve been taking care of my peeps
. Hmmm maybe I should follow Libbys example and take me a nap too, before the next wave of storms come rumbling through.

Saturday (yesterday) morning I went up to mom’s for the day and to spend time with G. Man he’s got to stop growing! We went by the mall and looked at new shoes and he’s into a size 13! He also found out that his feet really need to stop growing if he wants to keep wearing his favorite shoes..they only go to size 13. We did a little shopping and by 5pm I was on my way back home. Do you hate driving long distances alone because your afraid you’ll get sleepy? Well I’ve found a cure for just that. XM Comedy channel 150! I know there are people out there that were wondering just what I was laughing so hard at, since I was alone in the car.. LOL.. it’s hilarious! (but not always child friendly.. for that you can tune to Laugh USA over on channel 151.

Well I made it home just in time to beat the storms… but mother nature did supply me with a supply of nice lighning shows for the drive.