Guess what

It’s Wednesday.. and that means by 9pm tonight I’ll be finished with classes for the week. Yeah! Now granted that does not mean I’m finished with homework.. but I’m close. I worked on terms yesterday until my fingers felt like they were going to fall off. Yesterday while working on my homework I was listening to channel 75, “The Voice of Music at Starbucks”.. pretty good channel plus since I was home I saved money by making my own coffee! hehe Just think… one week from today I’ll be on Spring Break.. too bad one professor gave us a paper to do that is due the day we return.

Brr… frosty this morning. I’m glad we moved all my plants back inside on Monday. Hmmm.. that reminds me…my jacket is in the car! Well maybe the temps will warm up a little before time to head to class.

Ok.. time to finish on here, and get my books together for class. Toodles!

PS…there’s a good chance that George W will be speaking at AUM next week!!! Thanks for the heads up J!!