Guess what I did today :-)


Yep.. I grabbed my camera and headed down to campus. I really didn’t expect to get close at all but found a place across the street from the main entrance to park and walked down to the intersection. There were only a few people watching and waiting but by the time 3pm came around there were about 50 of us. Sure enough.. as soon as all traffic stopped coming we saw the lights. Heck.. my camera died on me before I got a close photo, but we were able to see him waving from the car. All that lasted about 2 minutes total.. then he was gone. Back home I watched the last half of the townhall meeting on television and the coverage up until Air Force One took off. Guess what else I got to see… yep.. Air Force One flew right over our house! How do we know? No air traffic in the area allowed during the Presidents visit.. plus with the binoculars you could tell.. then there was the jets. Very cool!