Are you enjoying the sunshine?

Today actually turned out to be a very pretty day.. I hope it holds out for the weekend too! Not much going on around here.. can’t you tell? I’ve been messing with my design and came up with a new one for spring. Well.. its not that springy but since everything is turning from brown to green again outside, I though I’d let my blog do the same thing.
See.. everything is starting to bloom and my camera is still in the shop. Hmmm.. I might just have to break down and put batteries in the old Kodak too.. I need to get a picture of the wisteria that just started blooming this week. Oh if you look at my TextAmerica pictures over there on the right you’ll see I’ve added some new pictures. I finally got one of the little baby sparrows that are living in one of my pots hanging on the back porch.

Oh! Remember when I mentioned the company called Adagio Tea? Well yesterday I received my reward for linking with them. They sent me their ingenuiTEA pot and 4 tins of tea. The mango tea is yummy!! This little tea pot works great too. I’m always afraid of using my real tea pots.. wouldn’t want to break them. This pot is sturdy and microwave proof too! I can’t wait to try the other teas! ** Set up your link then go to their “link to us” page and let them know its out there and maybe you’ll get one of the rewards too!