I could have slept all day long!

It’s cloudy and dark outside.. oh don’t forget the rain too. I could have slept all day but I finally decided to get out of bed.

Yesterday was a long day. I was up early so I could head down to AUM to help judge the ACTE South Central Regional Fair. The ACTE ( Alabama Council for Technology in Education) is a organization whose goal is to "advance and promote the application of educational technology at all levels of instruction and administration." I was amazed at all the different projects at the competition and blown away by some of the Power point projects submitted by the middle school kids! The robotics competition was interesting too. Did you know Lego sells a kit that lets you build programmable robots?

After the competition was over I headed back home to pick up J. The awards ceremony was at 2pm and I thought it would be something fun for us both to see. J also got to meet my IS professor. After the awards we headed over to Fresh Market to pick up a few things. Which reminds me.. we have pluots in the fridge…yum! ( A pluot (PLU-ott) is 75 percent plum, 25 percent apricot. A hybrid fruit.) We finally found some fresh mozzarella cheese so we can make caprese here at home. FYI: Did you know that mozzarella cheese is sometimes made from water-buffalo milk? I also brought home some Turbinado sugar (raw cane sugar) for my coffee. It’s really sweet and has a nutty flavor. Ok.. so its probably not on my diet, but that just means I’ll be working out harder this week at the gym. I think I’ll need those extra workouts too.. just because of the Key Lime Pie squares I had to have too! Yum!

Shopping over it was back to the house to drop off the goodies and get ready to head back to town for a movie (Constantine). Pretty good movie and not too scary, even though I did notice that I was looking away when I thought something was about to happen. Another friend of ours from karate , who moved to California after high school, was the stunt double for Shia LaBeouf who played Chas Chandler.

Back home after the movie and I was pooped. I tried doing a little ‘fun’ reading but couldn’t keep my eyes open. Last semester someone let me borrow *The Wedding* by Nicholas Sparks and I need to finish reading it so I can return the book. I’m about half way through and should finish it in another day or so.

I kept up my workout schedule for last week. I’m not really too sore today, but I can feel it in my stomach and around the top of my thighs. This past week I worked out Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. I’m hoping I can keep the same schedule and get results a little sooner than just going once or twice a week. I’ve already dropped a pound (two if I take off my shoes! LOL) so really I have only about 5 more to go, then the rest will be getting toned up. Ok.. time to get moving around here.. it’s 1:30 and I’m still in my sleep shirt! Can you spell L A Z Y?


Things you see on campus that let you know Spring Break is just around the corner:

Flip Flops
Sunburns (they must have put new bulbs in all the tanning beds)
The smell of Coppertone
Ads for Panama City Beach & Cancun
Daffodil’s blooming

But hey.. it was 77 today! Not bad for February!

I did it today.. I’ve decided to do something to get me off my butt and back to working out. Recently I’ve seen too many reminders that I’m not 20 years old anymore and right now there is no way I’m getting back into my yellow bikini from just a couple years ago. I guess seeing all those women on Oprah that are in their 40’s and 50’s but look a lot younger, really started to get to me. (This is why I rarely watch the show, but at least this one put me in the mood to actually do something about it). Who wants to get older.. much less look older. Yeah you’ve guessed right.. I’ve petitioned the Birthday Council and have requested a delay of my next birthday. Will I get it? Who knows.. LOL but it never hurts to try right? Nah.. actually I’ve just started back working out at a women’s gym near here..and I’ve got a feeling things are going to be sore tomorrow, but on the plus side I’m out meeting new people and making friends!

Speaking of birthdays.. I know someone that has one coming up pretty soon. Right J? You better start leaving me those hints for what you’d like this year.

The pressure is on

The pressure is on.. I need to finish clearing the grass from the area where I’ll be planting garden #1, the shade garden. Yesterday I ordered 39 plants that I’m hoping works out just fine for the area, if not I can always put some in the shady area behind the watergarden. Most of the plants that I’ve ordered will return each year, so I’m hoping its a worry free area once its established. Here’s the list of plants and flowers that I ordered. (Naturalized Shade Garden)
Now that I’ve ordered them I need to get on the ball and have the site all ready by the time they arrive. Oh.. if you notice in the photo that I posted of the area, and you see the upside down pot.. where there’s a toad living under there. I accidently dug him up when I was removing some of the grass. He’s burried back down into the ground, and I didn’t want to accidently disturb him again. After looking back at that photo I notice that I need to do some brick cleaning too. It’s amazing what shows up in photos that you don’t notice otherwise.
Guess what.. it’s raining again. -(

Ok.. off to school for me. Yes.. today is a holiday, but not for me.

Happy President’s Day

Ok.. my back hurts..

What does sunshine and warm weather mean? It means its too pretty to stay indoors and I end up outside digging around in the flower bed. I moved a few plants, and I’m almost finished removing all the sod in a area that I want to turn into a shade garden. I don’t mind the digging, but carrying those buckets of sod to other areas of the yard that need it get old. There is about one more bucket load out there, but it can wait until tomorrow. After messing around with that for a while I decided to clear out some of the small trees that have sprouted beneath the larger trees out back. I think I’ll seed the area there with a lot of my four o’clock seeds that I’ve saved.. those will get about waist high, and add some color to the area.

Earlier today I met J for lunch at the Thai place.. way too much food, and ended up bringing some home. I’m not sure if I’ll give it to the doggies, or just eat it myself. After lunch I headed over to the antique mall (it’s right next door to the Thai place) and walked around for a little bit. Nothing jumped out at me, so I didn’t spend any money. I love walking around that place..seeing stuff that I grew up with that is now considered antique and costs a heck of a lot more than it did new!

Tonight we’re going out with some friends of ours to one of the Mexican places in town. He’s home on a short leave from **insert middle eastern country of your choice here** for a couple days before he heads back. I got a real lashing (j/k) from his wife because I knew he was going to come home and surprise them, and I didn’t say anything. Well thats the whole point of keeping a secret right? hehe J knows not to pull something like that on me. He did it once when he was off TDY and it scared me silly! It’s a wonder I didn’t hurt him..LOL
I’ll have to share that story sometime.

Ok…I’m off to see what plants I need to order. Maybe if I know they are coming I’ll hurry up and finish the bed up for them, right?

Is it the weekend yet?

Wow.. it’s almost 10pm, and I’ve not posted here all day long.
It was like Christmas here this morning.. seems a little birdy sent more goodies from Italy! Thanks Nikki!! ((HUGS))

Not much else going on around here today.. a little laundry, grocery shopping, and messing around outside. I moved most of my plants from the garage onto the front porch. Which reminds me.. the lemon tree is still on the driveway. I pulled it outside for some sun, but its way too heavy for me to even attempt moving it to the porch. We practically gave ourself a hernia moving from the porch to the garage in the beginning.

Around lunch time I was in the kitchen when I heard this loud noise. It sounded like someone had jumped into a pool. We don’t have a pool… but once I looked out the window I did see a doggie having fun in my goldfish pond! Yep.. Libby loves water. I wonder when Walmart will have kiddy pools forsale. There is no telling what she would do if we took her to the river! LOL

For Valentine’s Day J brought me a very pretty pink Hydrangea (I love you too J!).. I tried to find it a place outside, but I don’t have a clue as to where to put it. The tag says “Sun to Shade”.. gee that narrows it down. I wonder if it will change color too since the acid levels of the soil will cause the blooms to vary between pink and blue. Hmm…this will take some time. We’re in the South so maybe I should give it some protection from the evening sun or I might be watering it everyday once it gets really hot.
Any suggestions?