What to do

Picked up some of my books yesterday at the campus bookstore..I was able to get 4..still waiting on the other 5 to arrive. That’s a lot of books for just 4 classes! Six of the books are for my Prose class and I was hoping to get them early so I could do a little reading ‘Pre Semester’. I’ll check back Friday and maybe I’ll be in luck, if not I’ll check Saturday. Not much else going on around here.. summer weather again, but today we’ve got a little rain. Very odd weather for January…who knows..by next month we could be complaining about snow! It’s happened you know!

This past weekend we finished up painting J’s computer room. Here is a before photo, and here is the after. I really like it. It makes it feel more ‘cozy’..but that could just be me. I’ve got to work on finding some curtains, but for now I’ll leave it like it is.