Such a nice surprise!

I logged in to my school account to find out which books I need to buy for the upcoming semester…only to find that one class has 6 books! Well I knew it probably would have more than one but I never thought of six! One I’ve already read for my Lit II class (same professor), so I know its around here somewhere. As for my other classes I decided I need to invest all my money into companies that publish computer related textbooks! Gee.. even used ones are still over $100 each! At least I’ll be keeping these.

It was fun though to see that I’m a Senior now too and after this semester I am down to just 6 classes to take. Hmmm.. will I go this summer? I might have to forget about having one last free summer, and take two or three classes so I can graduate by Christmas 2005!!! Boy that is scarey! This means by summer I really need to start looking for that ‘perfect’ job!

Ok.. today is the day I run G back home so he can get ready to start back to school. Long day in store for me, but I’ll be back home sometimes late this evening or tonight. I’ll get to test out my XM more today too and I do see a shopping stop around lunch time (as a break from driving) as I still have Christmas money to spend!