Ok.. who approved

Wow..get used to some warm weather then the cold sneaks right back in. We’re in for a cold night tonight..right now we’re in the 30’s, but with the wind the windchill is 28! I’m glad school is out tomorrow because I really don’t want to get out in it.
We had a nice quiet weekend.. I read when I wasn’t coughing or sleeping. Finally finished my first book today..now time to start on another one (just 5 more to go). For my other classes I’ll be starting on those too..at least they are only a couple chapters at a time to read before each class.

OK.. for all you CSI: Miami fans… watch Monday nights episode called “Cop Killer”. A friend of ours who’s usually involved in their stunt work is getting to play an actual character role. He’ll be “The Cashier” in this episode. If you’d like to see any of his other works, just check out the list over at IMDb.
Just so you know who to look for here’s a photo of Hiro:

– He’s the one you’ll be looking for…lol..not moi!

Ok.. off to the couch to warm up..tomorrow will be a long study day!
Stay warm! and if you have some snow.. ENJOY!!