Well for some reason the dogs decided that no one should be sleeping in I’m up. My throat is feeling a little better, but its still early yet. Last night was so much fun. We went down to the Brew Pub for dinner and ate way too much! Their seasonal micro-brew was a Winter Rye.. sounded good so we got a pitcher. On the way back home my throat was still feeling a little sore, so we stopped off for the fixings for a hot-toddy for me last night. While we were at the store we saw a recipe for something they called a Scarlett O’Hara (Southern Comfort & cranberry juice). Once we got home I started on making a Scarlett O’Hara…however we only had white cranberry juice in the fridge, so I gave it a shot. I added some honey to it also…sweet! It turned out pretty good and after finishing just one drink I was ready for bed. I did sleep all night, and I know I was snoring ( remember J waking me up once or twice). Sorry -( We watched a little tv too.. there was a special on Italy on FoodTV (I think it was Italy night or something). The first show was a food tour of Venice and Harry’s Bar, then on to Rome and a couple other cities.

I’m not sure what is in store for today..its rather cold right now, 43. A big difference from the 60’s we’ve had in the mornings the past week or so. I even started the fire so that it would feel a little warmer in here…my hands are still cold, but I think its from not feeling too good..yesterday I just felt cold all day. I think I’ll go take a hot shower here in a few, and then get back into my comfy sweats and sweat shirt.
Just on FoxNews..a new low-carb potato to come out this year from growers down in!