Monday monday

Well my computer seems to be running a lot better now with its new CPU fan. I check the bios logs and sure enough it started failing around mid December. Luckily it didn’t quit all together and cause me to lose everything. Well todays a long day and I’ll be heading off to school in a little while. I wonder if I’ll find out how many extra points I get in my Operations Mgmt class for working on the Mardi Gras float? Too bad the whole thing was rained out..they didn’t even reschedule it. Maybe I’ll just ask someone today why they do that every time. How much trouble would it be to delay it one day due to rain? Maybe thats the reason there is a low student turn out for these things.. I mean I’m a little ticked because I put 6 hours into something that got scrapped a couple hours later due to rain. I think the float we built for the School of Business would have won too. Ours was looking really too. It was a huge TV that was cut out, and had a American Bandstand theme to it. We had 6 dancers all dressed from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s that would be dancing inside the tv, and 30 or so others in period dress dancing around on the ground durning the parade.
I’m going to see if I can find out why the schools policy on events is to cancel due to weather and not reschedule today too.. I’m curious. (and they wonder why student turnout to events are low)

Off to class.. be back later!