Wow.. we’re in the low 70’s but tonight its going down into the 20’s! Talk about a drop in temps! Hey and guess what?? Our heat went out this morning! I put a call in to the home warranty people and they gave me the name of a local service that would take our call. Usually we’re told to give them 4 hours to call us, then call them if we haven’t heard. Well I haven’t heard, so I called the heating company. The lady that answered the phone said she hadn’t heard from the warranty people.. so I called them (warranty company). She put me on hold..called the heating company, told them about our problem and asked them if they could make a emergency service call because the weather was to drop into the 30’s tonight, and 20’s tomorrow night. They said she called another service company in our area. Within a hour the new company called and said they would be out tomorrow morning to see what they could do. It’s a good thing we have a gas fireplace! Looks like tonight we’ll be camping in the living room tonight too . If it were to get really cold we could always go down stairs since the basement has a separate heating we do have a backup plan..just in case that blizzard heads south! Ok.. off to do some grocery shopping before it starts getting chilly again.