Icy Morning Down South

The sound of cracking and breaking wood woke up around 1am and on top of that I wasn’t feeling so well. I don’t think my dinner was sitting too well and was trying to make a break for it. After finding the Pepto and being determined that I was not going to get sick, I took a peek outside, but it was just too dark to see anything. This morning I was up and ready to take some pictures..its not every day that we have ice coating our trees. I bundled up and took a few pictures..staying away from the large pine trees that are prone to fall right now. Across the street I could hear limbs falling and trees crackling. Even the air outside smells like pine from all the broken trees. We didn’t lose any trees, but there are several large limbs down next door, and on the land behind us. Several of our trees are drooping, but none have given up yet. I would have taken a few more pictures to share, but the rain started back and my camera was getting soaked.


Longleaf Pine

Just one mile down the road and there was no more ice! Very weird!! I guess that’s what we get from living up on a hill!