Getting chilly

The rain finally arrived, as well as the cold weather with it. Bye bye 70’s..hello 50’s. Just my luck it would get really nasty by the time I need to leave for class. We’re under a tornado watch until 4pm too.

I’ve still got my cold..a little better today, but still have chest congestion and cough. This morning I was up at 6:30..only to fall asleep while sitting on the couch watching Dr. Quinn..funny thing is I though The Walton’s came on too.. sure enough I dozed right through it..LOL. One of my medicines said it would make me sleepy..I guess it worked. Tonights class is my longest of the four. 2 1/2 hours of Victorian poetry and prose..should be interesting. I’m just concerned with the prose part, considering we have 6 books for the class. One book I’ve already read (same professor – different class) so maybe I’ll be ‘one up’ on that book. I’m really hoping that since this class is a graduate class also, that a couple of the books are just extra readings for the grad students.

See ya laters!