Feeling much better today

Yesterday morning I went to the doctor who informed me that I had the ‘crud’ that was currently going around. A bug that feels like a cross between bronchitis and the flu. I could hardly talk and my chest was feeling really tight so they took a x-ray. Everything looked good so he sent me on my way with 4 prescriptions. I was off to CVS to get those filled then I headed back home. Well one of them makes me really sleepy, so before I knew it I’d been asleep on the couch for a couple hours. I’m feeling better today and the tightness in my chest is not as bad as yesterday, and I’m not coughing too much. Last night I didn’t sleep good at all. I kept waking up and I couldn’t get comfortable. Maybe I’ll get over this cold before too much longer..today is my last day before school starts back tomorrow and I really don’t like sitting in class when I’m sick, then again I don’t like being sick period.

Hmm.. what to do today… sleep maybe? laundry? watch tv? wash away the gray? ;-)

UPDATE: I washed away some of the gray ;-) and went for a haircut. Short again (not that it was long or anything) but hey, its easy to work with especially with all the curls gone.