Boo! Is it snowing yet?

Miss me? Well things have been a little crazy around here.. not to mention some problems with my computer lately. So if you tried to access my blog more than likely you couldn’t get to it, and if you could it was problably all messed up. We’ll things are back to normal for the most part, and I’ll be working on getting the layout back up sometime later. On the plus side our ISP increased our download speed from 3 mpbs to 5 mbps. I can really tell a difference on downloads now.

The weather turned nasty today. Sounds like sleet outside right now and it has rain mixed with it too. I went to school this morning to help with building the ‘School of Business’ float and get things ready for the AUM mardi gras celebration. Work on the float started around 8am only to be rained out at 6pm. I left around 4pm and the weather was looking rough, and sure enough by the time I was half way home the rain started. I had though about going back down for the parade, but I did manage to get a few beads and some moon pies before I left. Did you know they make orange moon pies??? Anyway everything was rained out again..just like almost every year I’ve been there. I think one year the celebrations did go off as scheduled…that’s if you forget about the tornado warning that was going on at the time just a county away.

See you tomorrow! Hmm I wonder if J wants to earn some of these beads I got today! ;-)

10:50pm: Yep.. I just looked outside and we have sleet, rain, and snow. Nothing on the ground yet, but who knows what will be there in the morning. I’m sure glad we got the furnace fixed last weekend!