Feeling better today.. I think that second dose of hot Mexican food last night with a margarita on the rocks really helped. No coughing so far today, well..just a little, but I think that is due to two weeks of habit! I wonder if the cold walk outside at 2am this morning with 30 degrees temps helped clear my chest? I don’t kwow what’s up with our dogs.. maybe its the coyotes that they hear outside..but lately since the moon has been pretty bright they want out about the same time each night. That’s where the walk outside came in last night.. trying to get them back inside and stop their barking. I got one to come back in, but J ended up getting Cat back in because my feet got cold!

Big plans for the weekend? I’m sure if you live up North your getting ready for that major winter storm thats coming. Here we’re looking for a couple more cold nights, then back into the 60’s again next week. Bike weather huh?

School is going pretty good.. both IS classes look like they will be fun, or at least I hope so. Operations Mgmt will be the one that gives me a little trouble..I hate stats..I hate word problems! At least she understands that we will use computers in the REAL WORLD to do a lot of this..we just can’t use them for exams! Hmm.. I bet I can put Excel on the Axim!! Surely she would think I’m just using the calculator function!??

Ok.. back to laundry and reading!