A world away..

Sometimes when things happen thousands of miles away it feels like it must be a dream…can’t be true, but it is true. Not being able to see for yourself makes it harder to believe. Thats how I felt about the tsunami disaster. Watching all the photos on television, seeing all the images that I’ve been sent in emails, they just seemed too wild to be true…too much to comprehend. Back when this first happened, one person came to mind, and I set out to get in contact with her. She was a former karate student who had joined with the Peace Corp after college and the last assignment was working relief efforts in East Timor. I was able to get in contact with her, and found out that she’s no longer in East Timor, but currently working with an organization called CHF International. Here is a small snippet from her email that I wanted to share–

“…CHF International, will be working to contribute to the relief and long term development efforts in South Asia. We currently have offices in both Sri Lanka and India (both with programs already in temporary, transitional and permanent shelter and water/sanitation for internaly displaced persons, refugees, and the very poor) that have already begun to respond to the crisis. CHF has already pledged $30,000 of its own resources for immediate relief in Sri Lanka and India. Also, in the coming weeks we will be sending out people to other affected areas to assess what the main needs are and to try to develop strategies to meet those needs, based on our strengths in providing both temporary and permanent shelter, water and sanitation access, and longer term livelihood and economic activities to support people’s ability to rebuild their lives.”

It just made me feel a lot better knowing that there was someone we know that is part of the rebuilding process. She didn’t say whether she would be heading that way, but knowing her I wouldn’t doubt it.